Plug & Play Home Solar Power System


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Plug N Play Residential Solar Power Station System with 15 Years Lifespan Lithium Battery Bank Off Grid / On Grid Home Solar Power Backup

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Deepsen Plug & Play Home Solar Power Station System with Long Life Lithium Battery Bank

  • High-quality solar panels ensure a 25-year lifespan
  • Ultra-high power meets 21.3% efficiency solar panel .
  • Original cables and accessories
  • Original copper core cable ensures ultra-high conductivity
  • TI Double Insulation Protection Ensures Adaptability to Harsher Outdoor Environments
  • Stainless steel Aluminum alloy high-quality auxiliary materials

Deepsen Solar’s State Key Laboratory of Photovoltaic Science and Technology (SKL) announced that its proprietary Vertex high-efficiency p-type monocrystalline silicon module, based on 66 pcs of 210 mm x 210 mm high-efficiency PERC cells, has achieved a record aperture module efficiency of 23.03% for larger-area industrial silicon p-type modules. This is independently confirmed by third-party certification laboratories by both TÜV Rheinland and TÜV Nord with identical efficiency result.

This solar power system kit provides nearly everything you need to bring 0.6- 9.6 KW of solar power and storage to a tiny house or Residential, food truck, or other application. Choose your preferred battery type and solar panel mounting option, and you’re on your way!

The inverter/charger at the heart of this system is a Xantrex Freedom XC 1000, capable of delivering 1000W continuously over 120-volt pure sine wave AC output and handling short surges up to 2000W so even loads with demanding startup requirements – like a refrigerator – can be accommodated. As a 12V battery bank charger, the Freedom XC 1000 offers programmable smart battery management logic to help your batteries last longer, and it can charge dead batteries at 0 volts. Whether in invert or charge mode, it delivers full output even in harsh temperature conditions from -4°F – 104°F.Working in tandem with the Freedom XC 1000 is a FLEXmax 60 MPPT Charge Controller from OutBack Power, which provides up to 60 amps of 5-stage battery charging from your solar panels.


  • Free Ships to the Worldwide!
  • All our home power station system comes with 15 years long life lithium battery bank

Additional information

Output Voltage:

120 VAC, 240 VAC

Grid Stauts:

Off Grid, On Grid

Rated Power:

0.6KW, 1.2KW, 2.4KW, 3.6KW, 4.8KW, 6.0KW, 7.2KW, 8.4KW, 9.6KW


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